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Naomi Cleaning Services LLC
About Us

our history

Naomi Cleaning Services LLC has experience since 2013, we are a cleaning company for residential and commercial, additionally we work in home remodeling, our bases are strengthened in providing excellent quality and very good customer service.

We are a company that prides itself in offering high quality cleaning and home remodeling services, we always adapt to your needs. When you are looking for professional cleaning services for your office, home, apartment with us you will find a team that fits your budget, schedule and cleaning preferences.

All our clients are satisfied with the result and recommend us to others. Cleaning is a complex task and we know that you have many options when you consider hiring a cleaning service. That’s why we constantly strive to improve our already high standards.

Competitive prices

We have the best prices, always competing to offer the best quality and meet the expectations of our customers. If you are happy, we are grateful!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our wide knowledge and dedication to what we do, allows us to perform a quality work that guarantees an optimal service and the satisfaction of each one of our clients with the results achieved.

Trained Team

We constantly organize spaces for training and to listen to the new ideas of each one of our collaborators, this allows us to continue growing and to offer a better cleaning service.

Why Choose us

We have an excellent reputation for quality, affordability, warranty, professionalism and trust, you can be sure that by hiring us you are making the best decision. More than thirteen years of experience behind us!

We are a Limited Liability Company (LLC), if you want to know more about our license.